About Me
Hey there! I'm Lars. Some of you might know me from Television. Others might be familliar with my cartoons for the New Yorker. Or, you might be a fan from my erstwhile podcast Megaboom!! Radio. However you have chosen to love me, welcome. This website is a place you can keep up with my toons, projects, or reach out to me if you want something.

If you want to commission a painting or a drawing or some such nonsense, reach out on the "Talk To Me" section. And yes, I said paintings - see my terrible paintings below.

Industry bio to the right. I love you all.

Lars Kenseth is more than just a pretty face... He's a comedy maniac, writer, producer, animator and overall genius. He was one of the first writers admitted to the Fox animation program where he created Lifers. After that, Lars migrated to MTV where he was in the writers room for animated comedy series Popzilla (8 episodes), as well as Canada Global TV's Bob & Doug (22 episodes). He is repped by JR Satery at Gersh. His lawyer is Matt Sugarman at Weintraub Tobin.

Recently, Lars earned a fellowship at the Sundance Institute. He's a member of the National Cartoonists Society - Los Angeles, and he is currently producing Chuck Deuce for Adult Swim. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Liz and their two cats Omelet and Honeybear.
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